La Imperiosa Sneak Preview

LaImperiosaBanner1You have have heard the big news from Crowned Heads yesterday…the Las Calaveras 2014 blend will live again as La Imperiosa!

The short story is this: the 2014 Las Calaveras Limited Edition blend was so popular that CH decided to bring the blend back, albeit in 4 new sizes, as a regular production release, called La Imperiosa. If you want the longer version, check out their website.

Late yesterday, we got word that Burns would be one of a handful of stores around the country to receive a special preview of La Imperiosa. A single box of each size is going to be available starting Friday. We talked about it and decided the most fair way to distribute these cigar is this…

Starting Friday, anyone who buys a box of any Crowned Heads product will receive one of these preview sticks for free. We are planning to have 2 sizes available at East and 2 at the Downtown shop.

We will also extend this to anyone buying a box of CH product in our online shop.

Obviously supplies are limited…first come, first served!

Update: the above offer will still be extended to anyone purchasing a box of Crowned Heads product while supplies last, but you will also be allowed to purchase a maximum of 2 cigars. The balance of boxes has been changed…3 of the 4 boxes will be available at the Downtown location and the 4th will be at East. At the Downtown location, cigars will be available only to in-store purchasing; the cigars at the East location will be available as “free gift” with the purchase of a box of Crowned Heads online, but only while the supply lasts.

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