It all starts with Tennessee's largest walk-in humidor...

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With over 1400 square feet, our humidor is larger than a lot of apartments! Unless you’re a cigar, though, you probably wouldn’t want to live in it because we keep the humidity and temperature as close to 70% and 70 degrees as possible at all times. That ensures that the cigars you buy from us are fresh and ready to smoke right after you buy for them!


Someone once challenged on how many facings (different blends in all different sizes) we had–they thought their shop had more than ours. Our guy working that day stepped in to count and they got up to 1,500 facings before the other store’s guy figured out he had somewhere else to be.

And, sure…you can have more facings than anyone else, but still not have an amazing selection. The brands that are on the shelf are as important as the fact that you have tons of cigars available.

We are Chattanooga’s Davidoff Appointed Merchant, which means we have access to the entire line of Davidoff-branded cigars and accessories. Every “White Label” cigar…every “Discovery Series”…every “Limited Edition.” If we don’t have it, it’s probably because we sold out and they aren’t available anymore.

We are proud to carry the entire Padron Cigar line-up, from the everyday Padron Series to the Anniversary Series and Serie 1926, all the way up to the 50 Year “Hammer” (while supplies last). We carry over 70 facings of Padron on an everyday basis…and more when we can get them!

Other brands we are proud to feature include:

  • Arturo Fuente Cigar Company / J.C. Newman (including Opus X and Anejo when available, and Diamond Crown)
  • My Father Cigar Company
  • Tatuaje / L’atelier
  • Oliva Cigar Company
  • Foundation Cigar Company
  • AVO Cigars
  • Camacho Cigars
  • Crowned Heads
  • General Cigar Company brands including Cohiba, CAO, and Punch
  • Altadis brands including Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo
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Burns is a proud member of the Tobacconist Association of America, a select group of stores around the USA and cigar manufacturers dedicated to promoting the very best aspects of the cigar industry. We feature TAA-exclusive releases every year from a variety of cigar makers. These TAA releases are usually limited in quantity and are subject to selling out quickly!


Our tobacconists are experienced cigar smokers who have taken the time to get to know the products we carry in our humidor. They have the knowledge and background to talk to you and determine a selection of cigars that would work best for your palate and personal cigar experience.

From cigars to pipe tobacco to humidors and other accessories, we are here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Pair up that fine cigar with a cold beer!

We keep our beer cooler stocked with over 20 great brews from the ever-popular Bud Lite and Miller High Life to local brews from Hutton & Smith to craft or limited production beers like Fat Tire and Sam Adams Summer Ale.

We have plenty of seating available at our bar (complete with power ports and phone charging cords), in our vintage barber chairs around the flat-screen TV, or outside on the deck. 

And the Wi-Fi is Fast and Free!

Light up and kick back!

Burns features an outstanding lounge area open to everyone. 

Need to get some work done? Take a seat at our bar, plug your laptop into a power port, fire up a cigar, and get to it! We have free WiFi with blazing fast “Gig City” speeds.

Want to watch the game? Settle into one of our vintage barber chairs in front of the big screen TV and cheer your team on to victory!

Looking for fresh air? Enjoy our outdoor shaded deck.

We're not just cigars...

But you don’t like cigars, you say…

We have a full line of pipes and pipe tobacco, too!

We carry carry corncob and high quality briar pipes in a variety of shapes and price points.

Whether you enjoy aromatics, a bright Virginia, or a smoky English Oriental blend, we keep a wide variety of pipe tobacco in stock, both in bulk (sold by the ounce) and tins.

Room101 Lounge: the Benefits of belonging

Burns opened the members-only Room101 Lounge over 6 years ago. Our Lounge Membership program is praised as one of the most valuable memberships in the industry.

Upstairs from the regular shop is our members hideaway, featuring over a dozen leather chairs, humidified lockers, pool table, and big screen television…complete with air conditioning and smoke eaters.

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