Davidoff Lounge at Burns Downtown

Davidoff LoungeBurns is proud to partner with Davidoff, the world’s most prestigious cigar brand, to help you fill your time more beautifully.

Davidoff Lounge membership is divided into two groups: local and out-of-area.

Local members pay $250 per month, which is credited toward your membership card for use at Burns Downtown. They also receive a humidified locker in the lounge for storing cigars.

Out-of-Area members pay $500 per month, which is again credited toward your membership card for use in our store. We will ship your purchases to your location for a flat fee per order.

Both groups will receive a Davidoff Lounge membership card, allowing you access into any Davidoff Lounge worldwide, as well as discounts on single sticks, accessories and box purchases.

If you are local, please drop by Burns Downtown to talk to one of our associates about joining.

If you live 150 miles or more away from Chattanooga, please download this fillable PDF. You should fill out all fields, digitally sign the form, then click “Submit” which will trigger your email client to send it back to us. Once we have reviewed the information and you are accepted, we will contact you for payment information. (You will need to download the form to fill it out digitally; right-click and choose “Download Linked File.” If you do not wish to use a digital signature, fill out the rest of the fields and print out the form and sign it. Then you will need to scan the printed form and email it back to us at members@burnstobacconist.com)