Relax and Enjoy at the best Cigar Lounge in Chattanooga...

You have many choices about where to spend your money these days when it comes to cigars and to membership at clubs. 

There are several great reasons to choose the Room101 Cigar Lounge at Burns.


We have over a dozen leather chairs, cigar ashtrays on side tables next to almost all of them, and free-standing cigar ashtrays to move around wherever you need them.

We have a big-screen TV perfect for watching a top-rated movie, your favorite college or pro sports team, or the local or national news.

Our cigar lounge is just a great place to hang out!


You can buy your cigars downstairs, then feel safe storing them upstairs in your own humidified locker.

It’s also a great place to store a bottle of…whatever suits you! We have a  “BYOB” license for our members lounge, so you are allowed to bring in whatever adult beverage you would like to enjoy with your cigars.


We recently had a new cover put on our regulation-size pool table. Bring your own cue or use one of the house’s…you’ll have a great time shooting pool with your friends while smoking a premium cigar!


Along with everything else the Room101 Cigar Lounge provides, it’s just a great place to hang out, meet new people, have conversations with new and old friends, and even do some work.

A friend of ours once said, “Cigars are a fellowship-enhancement tool.” There’s no better place to enhance your fellowship with other brothers and sisters of the leaf than the Burns Room101 Cigar Lounge.

And the best reason...

At this point you’re getting ready to ask…”What does all of this cost?” The answer is…”Practically nothing!”

How can that be?

We have three levels of membership and all three include store credit for the full amount of the monthly membership fee.

If you are a “Silver” member, you pay $100 per month…and you get $100 in store credit. And it cumulative…it builds up! If you don’t use anything for 3 months, you’ll end up building $300 in store credit.


  • Silver: 12% discount on boxes of cigars (20 or more) – $100 per month
  • Gold: 16% discount on boxes of cigars (20 or more) – $175 per month
  • Platinum: 20% discount on boxes of cigars (20 or more) – $250 per month

Other benefits

All members get

  • Access to the Room101 Lounge during store hours
  • Humidified locker (Platinum members have access to larger lockers if available)

So get to it!

Call or stop in and talk to one of us today…we can get you started to being a member of the Burns Room101 Lounge in just a few minutes.

Lounge membership requires a one-year commitment and a credit card to be put on file. Membership dues are automatically charged to the card on file on the first day of each month.

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