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What’s New at Burns Tobacconist...

Another week, another batch of great new stuff available at Burns Tobacconist…let’s dive in! Nat Sherman TAA Late last year, Nat Sherman introduced the Panamericana as an exclusive cigar for its flagship Townhouse store in Manhattan. Now the rest of the country gets in on the action…at least they do if they are a Tobacconist […]

Avo Cigars Event, Wednesday, April 29

Join Avo Cigars local area rep, Garrett Calhoun, at Burns East for “a classic Avo moment.” We will be featuring all Avo lines, from the Classic, XO and Heritage, to our full selection of Avo limited editions, including this year’s “Classic Covers” LE2015. Every box of 20 Avos sold will get a very cool travel […]

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