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Burns Tobacconist Team - Kim

general manager
brains & beauty of the operation

Kim McCoy

Kim has run the back office at Burns Tobacconist for over a decade, running the show and keeping everyone in line! She inputs the new products, orders replacements, processes special orders for customers, as well as works with vendors for special events, and makes sure the memberships get run every month.

If you are looking for something “extra special” and don’t see it in the humidor, chances are that Kim can get it for you!

He's forgotten more about cigars
then you ever knew

Charlie Bingham

Charlie is the most constant thing about Burns Tobacconist for over 15 years now. Customers and crew come and go, but people depend on Charlie’s smiling face being there week in and week out. The fact that he knows cigars so well doesn’t hurt, either!

Charlie is a lifelong resident of Chattanooga. If you ask the right questions, you’ll get to find out some interesting facts about this great city’s history.

You can find Charlie smoking something different almost every day, but when the cigar he’s burning is his own choice, you’ll probably find him with a Fuente Don Carlos, Padron 1964 Maduro, or Tatuaje Brown Label.

Burns Tobacconist Team - Charlie
Burns Tobacconist Team - Randy

once a marine
always a marine

Randy Barber

Randy spent 25 years in the US Marine Corps, traveling the world, and protecting our freedoms. After that he settled down in the Chattanooga area and became a member of the one of the local police departments. 

When he finally retired from that second job he decided he wanted a “hobby” job…so now he is the Store Manager for Burns Tobacconist, where he makes sure the humidor is stocked, coordinates events with vendors, and takes care of most of the social media posting you see from us.

Randy’s favorite cigars all start with a “P” and end with “adron.”

it seemed like a good idea
at the time...

Kenny "K.J." Norbury

K.J. enjoys pairing finer cigars with the best in craft beers. A Camacho Connecticut might go with something like a Lil Miss Thang from Monkey Town Brewing Company, while a Padron Maduro might be better paired with “So Happens It’s Tuesday,” a barrel-aged stout from The Bruery.

On his days away from Burns, K.J. has also taken up fly fishing and is building up experience to be a guide in the north Georgia streams and rivers. Book your trip with him today, because next year his prices are going up!

Burns Tobacconist Team - KJ

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